Monday, 7 October 2013

Very Proud Moment Of 6 Green Gecko Kids Graduating National High School

Exotic Voyages has been just informed a GREAT news from Green Gecko Kids by Tania. Tania has never been more proud and happy, she couldn’t hide her excite when tell us how amazing it is when she saw her lovely Kids graduate from National High School. 

In her email to announce this special news to Andy, she was really excited: “Last week we had a VERY proud moment, and that was when 6 of our children National High School Exams, to think just 6 years ago they had never been to school or even saw it as a possibility, now they are graduating. It is why we do what we do. I hope you like it, Tania”.

6 Green Gecko Kids Yoeurt, Sokoun, Pov, Srey Nao, Vit and Vun have sat their National High School Certificate Exams last week and are going to graduate soon. Tania is right, 6 years ago, the kids had never been to school, they must have thought they never had a chance to do this. However today they are going to graduate. That’s a magic! 

Exotic Voyages are very happy to see the how mature the kids are and what we can help them to go further in the future. This news motivates Tania and us a lot, we are looking forward to the Half marathon in Siem Reap and totally confident and ready for this event :)

The way Green Gecko House motivate the kids is so cute, which sounds like a warm family. 
“BEST OF LUCK to Yoeurt, Sokoun, Pov, Srey Nao, Vit and Vun as they sit their National High School Certificate Exams this week. You have worked so hard and come so far. We are so proud of you all xxx”
Let's wait for more good news from the Kids!