About Green Gecko Project

The Green Gecko Project supports over 70 children who previously lived and begged on the streets of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Green Gecko provides security, education, love and opportunities to these children through their formative years and into their adult lives, empowering them to achieve their full potential. 

The project also supports the children's families and the broader community through long term health, education and training initiatives.

Now the Green Gecko House is home to more than 70 kids, they play and learn together and live the life of real kids as the motto of Green Gecko: “Where Kids are Kids.” After 8 years, the rustic house is really a lovely shelter to the disadvantaged kids, where they find their smiles back.

With a lot of dedication to organize relevant places for the kids to sleep, play and learn, Green Gecko team has to maintain it decent enough for the kids’ growth while facing a lot of difficulty and obstacles with endless missions with the growing kids and their poor families. Exotic Voyages desire to support Green Gecko to develop their project as much as possible to keep the innocent happiness of the kids.

Exotic Voyages and Green Gecko Project

The idea for this campaign came by accident when Mr. Andy Carroll, our Global Sales and Marketing Manager of Exotic Voyages came across the story of a charity project named Green Gecko Project via one of his friend in Siem Reap. The emotional and incredible story of Green Gecko Project immediately made him moved and inspired.

Andy has registered to the Angkor Half Marathon 2013 to run for the kids of Green Gecko. During the time to prepare for the harsh marathon, Andy and his Exotic Voyages team are running a fundraising program and planning many events to help promote the half marathon and the charity project.

We are also creating a unique tour of which a portion of the money will be given to the charity. This will give travellers a great way to support a charity whilst taking their own luxury trip to Asia. Hopefully this will include time helping local people to see the day to day running in accordance with the Green Gecko’s rules.

What we are hoping to do is raise awareness of the great work by the Green Gecko project along with hopefully bringing some financial reward to help them continue their great work. Any support would be welcomed whether just vocally or financially we welcome all.

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