About Sun In my Heart

The founder

Kim McCluskey’s commitment to help children began in the sixties when he was an 18-year-old Marine stationed in Vietnam, the time when his feelings were against the actions he had to take. Later, back in the US, Kim got three children and became a chiropractor.

However, after some year, responding to his passion for nature, adventure and paddling, he specialized in Kayaking trips in some of the most remote destinations on earth. Kim McCluskey and his wife helped orphans, homeless and impoverished children in Vietnam. Both as individuals and through the help of friends they brought money, food and clothes, books and school supplies to the needy children of Vietnam.
One day, as he took a group paddling on the bays of Vietnam, Kim met three young girls living alone on a plastic raft, abandoned by their father. As a father himself, he decided to help them. It was the beginning of Sun in My Heart.  Kim now lives with his wife Jeanie in the remote woods of far northern Minnesota.

The charity

Sun in my Heart is a charity organization aiming to help children in different regions of the world. After having an article written in Reader’s Digest in 2004; Kim McCluskey decided to create Sun in My Heart to be able to make a bigger difference. The main objective of Kim is to significantly change lives of children, empowering them and giving them access to a proper house, food and education. Those being indispensable tools to evolve on the right path. Since its early beginnings, Sun in my Heart helped hundreds of children to get support in as many ways as their age and situation allowed. Through the years, Kim also met essential local people and organizations which permitted him going through the local requirements, respecting cultural beliefs and usages.

Exotic Voyages and Sun in my heart

It was a destiny for Exotic Voyages Team to meet Kim and join Sun in my Heart in some project for children in Vietnam. We have been working with Kim and his wife for years, supporting their ideas from the beginning. We understand what they are doing bring a real change in peoples’ lives, and that there is hope in each one of their projects.

Sharing the same passion in travel and charity, Kim also took part of our business and is currently representing Exotic Voyages in the US to inspire them to travel with us and study Vietnamese communities. We are proud of this collaboration and wish to keep on working on our personalized and responsible tours to provide local people with only the good aspects of tourism.

We already participated in two long term projects with Sun in my Heart, building a school for young students in Northern Vietnam and building a house for the 3 girls that inspired Kim to create Sun in my Heart. This commitment is only the beginning of something as we aim to carry on helping people in collaboration with Kim and his organization.

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