Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Photo Collection “Say Good Luck to Exotic Voyages Run Program”

These days are amazing days to our “athlete” Andy and the whole Exotic Voyages team as we are receiving more and more support from friends and new donators who make big contribution to our Charity Run Program. Thus we have created a small “race” for our photo collections from the kind-hearted supporters.
It's time you showed yourselves! This is a chance for the rest of the world to know your kindness to the former street children in Cambodia and your great support to Exotic Voyages Charity Run Program.


Very easy
- Just write down or print out some motivation words to encourage our Charity Run Program.
- Then take your photo and post it on our Facebook timeline.
Each photo will be a valued support for us

Example of our latest photo from supporters


- Your amazing faces and your unique words will appear on our album of "supporters"
- We will choose the MOST BEAUTIFUL, FUNNY, AND MEANINGFUL to be OUR COVER PHOTO for 2 WEEKS. The one having the most like will be the winner!
Your lovely photos will be displayed here on this blog and on our Facebook fanpage
Let's raise your kind voice and share your nice images today!

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