Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Great News of the first donation!

Great news from Exotic Voyages’ Charity campaign for the Green Gecko Project! The first donation has just been made by a warm-hearted American man named Shariff Mohmoud. Big thanks to him for his appreciated help.

The amount of 20 pounds will help the children and Gecko families much more than he expected. With 20 pounds, Green Gecko Project will help a Gecko family to start a little family of chickens – a great way to boost a family’s nutrition and income. This will make a long term contribution to the family in the future. They not only have eggs for their children to eat immediately but also can raise the chickens in long term and feed them daily from the money of selling chickens.

The Green Gecko team is going to advise and support their farm to make sure it will create benefit. Having a small chicken farm is a dream of Gecko kids; it’s easy now when they have 20 pounds, about 120,000 Cambodian Riel, can buy 8 -10 chickens. When they have got a little farm, many things will be changed. They will feed the chicken and work daily, and much more meaningfully, they have something to hope and make effort. They are happy every morning when collecting some eggs and looking forward to seeing baby chicken grow up, saving the money from selling them to renovate their roof for this rainy season. 20 pounds will make a different soon!

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