Friday, 19 July 2013

Visit Green Gecko’s Home

Let’s visit the beloved house of the Green Gecko Family in Siem Reap, Cambodia through some pictures that Exotic Voyages are provided by Green Gecko Team.

Since the very first days with numerous obstacles, "There was no running water, there was nowhere to for them to bathe, feed them properly, brush their teeth or receive medical treatment... or even a place to just hang out and play" Green Gecko Kids have a decent schoolhouse now.

Now the Green Gecko House is home to more than 70 kids, they play and learn together and live the life of real kids as the motto of Green Gecko: “Where Kids are Kids.” After 8 years, the rustic house is really a lovely shelter to the disadvantaged kids, where they find their smiles back. Although there are many difficulties and lack of necessity, the kids and Green Gecko Team determine to build their house more beautiful and comfortable

A Green Gecko Kid is cleaning her house

Class for Green Gecko Kids

The Kids plant vegetables in their own garden to feed themselves. They call this "Mother cucumber"

Let's see how neat our kids are

Some corn plants in the garden

Place for chickens family  
Well-decorated Green Gecko House in 7th Birthday

With a lot of dedication to organize relevant places for the kids to sleep, play and learn, Green Gecko team has to maintain it decent enough for the kids’ growth. This is not an equipped house, a modern school or a very interesting playground but it’s the paradise for the kids. Exotic Voyages desire to support Green Gecko to develop this place as long as possible to keep the innocent happiness of the kids. 

Green Gecko House in the flood 2011

Water is everywhere
Kids have to move to higher place

Let's share the story of Green Gecko Project to donate for their better future! 

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