Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Surprising Gift From The Kids To Support Andy’s Running

Exotic Voyages’ have just received a very special gift from our beloved Green Gecko Kids for our “soon-to-be-hero” Andy Carroll, who is training very hard to attend the Angkor Half Marathon in Siem Reap this December to raise money for Green Gecko Project. Andy was really surprised when he saw these touching images from the kids. Showing how much they care for this event as well.

This is a big surprise for him and the whole Exotic Voyages team; the kids are so cute to encourage our English man Andy. So creative are the kids! Their sweet idea has just brought Andy the biggest motivation ever. Now the only thing he expects is that he would not be alone in this way to raise money for the children. Supporters have begun to contact us for encouragement and donations, that’s excellent and we deeply appreciate this.

It is very hot and rainy in Hanoi these days, however our Andy practice running before going to work every day, he looks tired from the heat and humidity sometimes, but never stops determining to fulfill his plan. There are 4 months to go to the Angkor Half Marathon, with the great motivation from the kids; he will try his best to be a “professional runner” and have chance to meet the kids in Siem Reap. It’s hard but a worthycause.

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